Cadomin To Miette 2012..

Jun 15->17 2012, Bob Beck, Simon Collier

We left Edmonton in the wee hours of the 15th, leaving Simon's car at Miette, and then driving around to the Whitehorse Creek Campground in Whitehorse Wildland provincial park. We worked out way up the 13 km to Fiddle (aka Whitehorse) pass. Snow conditions were reasonable up to the last kilometer before the pass, which then involved some nasty butt deep postholing in isothermic guck. the campsite itself was snowbound, but solid.

The evening of the 15th was pleasant, but night brought incredible winds that threatened to tear hammocks from trees and tents from ground. Breakfast on the 16th was a windy endeavor behind a rock. The rest of the day on the 16th was fantastic, going over the pass and down to whitehorse campground, again with lots of nasty postholing, but better weather all day. We arrived tired after 22 km (with 2 km of postholing) at Utopia campsite, where we had the "perfect" rain (starting minutes after going to bed and ending just before we awoke for breakfast.

on the 17th we got up and hiked over utopia pass to miette for a soak in the hot springs, lunch and home.















































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