Plateau Mountain, Feb 6 2012

Bob Beck, Howie Koch, Theo deRaadt, Nadine Moneta

After a day of drywalling in theo's basement, we got up and drove south from calgary to chain lakes and west to Plateau mountain, we went up the back side of the mountain on a steep 500M ascent to the top, (2450 M) where we had a great view due to perfect weather, with views all the way to the waterton peaks and past (Montana?) in the south, and with the office towers in calgary clearly visible 105 km to the north. Theo and Nadine then bootskiied the descent back down while Howie and I walked the service road in a big loop the length of the ridge and around. A nice walk down with some great views, making a 17km loop that day. We got back to the truck at 5:30 PM, right before dark and drove back to calgary, then home to edmonton.






















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