GDT Section Hike - Jasper to Pinto Lake ..

Jul 16 -> Jul 24 2012, Bob Beck, Howie Koch, Claudio Jeker, Mark Kettenis

We did this in reverse of "normal" starting at the Jasper end of Skyline Trail, doing skyline in reverse, camping a Tekkara and Snowbowl, then continuing on to Trapper Creek, Fording the Maligne river and throught to Mary Veaux, Over Maligne Pass to camp at Waterfalls, then through to Four Point - then random cmaping in Cataract Pass, and bushwhacking and routefinding down Cataract Creek to Pinto Lake. We had intended to go on to Michelle Lakes and out Owen Creek but the weather got pretty threatening with snow in the passes and we wimped out and bailed out at Pinto Lake tot he highway instead of spending a stormy night high at Michelle Lakes. A Fantastic 8 day walk.






























































































































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