Jasper Dayhikes, May 13-15 2011 / ..

A post wedding anniversary trip up to the cozy little rustic cabins at Miette Hot Springs. We arrived on the 13th and did a short walk up sulpher creek past the old aquacenter and up to the valley junction where the trail leaves the valley. Still a fair bit of snow but not too bad.

On the 14th we got up and tried to get through the snow in the bottom of the valley to be able to hit sulpher ridge. However the postholing proved to be pretty nasty, so we gave up on that, and retreated for a drive to jasper and a walk up Maligne Canyon from 6th bridge to the tea house and back down again.

After another pleasant evening on the 15th we headed south of Jasper on the Icefields parkway a short way to the Valley of the 5 lakes trailhead. We ddid the loop around all 5 with a stop for lunch at the biggest lake. Very nice weather with a great view of the (still very snow covered) Jasper ranges.





































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