GDT Section Hike - Jasper to Pinto Lake ..

Jul 26 -> Jul 30 2012, Bob Beck, Howie Koch, Claudio Jeker, Mark Kettenis, Simon Collier, Theo de Raadt, Nadine Moneta

After doing a secton of the GDT, we took a rest day and then went to Joffre Creek trailhead for Limestone Lakes - We drove in in the afternoon, then had a BBQ and camped at the trailhead, so we could do the hike in rested and not in the heat of the day.. Theo and Nadine drove from calgary and arrived late at night (didn't even wake us up). The next morning we all went in, and camped on the usual peninsula with the great view of Abbruzzi and the peaks across the valley reflected in the lake. We toured all the upper lakes to the far end on our next day, seeing lots of neat stuff. We climbed the ridge up the side of the unnammed outlier to the northeast of mount russell that forms part of the basin holding the glacier above the lake the next day, and walked around the lower lake to the outflow. The next day we got up early, walked out, got Simon back to his car to head back to edmonton, and we went into Radium.

Generally, other than the hike in and out we took it easy this trip, fantastic scenerey and a bit of a different sort of relaxation that the steady hiking we'd been doing for the previous week and a half.
































































































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