Gear Me! (Canadian Version)

I often get people asking me about backpacking gear. What to buy, etc. so, what is this?

This is a gear list for someone who would like to go backpacking, in canada, and would like to pick up all their gear to do so. It is focused on being *lightweight* but comfortable.

This particular list is designed to be picked up, inexpensively in canada at MEC and other stores. It attempts NOT to use Do-it-yourself gear, or gear purchased over the internet. There are actually (in my opnion) some better choices available this way, but often these are not for the beginner.

MEC Alpinelite 30 pack<>prd_id=845524442617747&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302699687&bmUID=1228674615562 680 grams $54 Mec down barrel bag<>prd_id=845524442507487&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302701709&bmUID=1228674862789 1200 grams $114 blue foam pad (2 for hammock use)<>prd_id=845524442094779&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302701645&bmUID=1228674985708 440 grams $25.00 Hennesey Hammock<>prd_id=845524441776493&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302702959&bmUID=1228675197541 1200 grams $139 GSI solo cookset<>prd_id=845524442625441&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302696309&bmUID=1228675531470 269 grams $26 MSR pocket rocket<>folder_id=2534374302696549&PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441932337&bmUID=1228675550619 85 grams $38 Lexan spoon (not online, but they're in store) 10 gram $0.50 Opinel knife<>prd_id=845524442419669&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302696855&bmUID=1228675807298 36 grams $14.75 Petzl E-lite;jsessionid=tTcpJ8VNGWs1gTbNKvWptf2P8mXdKGw7BxwmH0JYvTyZByphw62B!-1728161395!1228674477675?FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302697057&PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524442621007 27 grams $26.00 Water purification<>prd_id=845524442625447&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302696751&bmUID=1228675985481 17 grams $8.75 First Aid<>prd_id=845524442593073&FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302695945&bmUID=1228676090680 85 grams $7.25 -------------------- 4049 grams $453.25 + 2 pop bottles for water. + clothing + runners/hikingshoes/boots + food + water + fuel