Owen Creek to Pinto Lake, Aug 27->29 2010 / ..

Bob Beck, Simon Collier

A hike up Owen Creek to Michele Lakes, camping at Michele Lakes. The second day we went over the high pass nothwest of Michele Lakes, across the Waterfalls Creek valley, and over the pass and down to camp at Pinto Lake. Finally on day three we hiked out out the Sunset Pass trail from Pinto Lake to the Icefields Parkway, where a few minues with my "hiker to car" freak flag hitched us a ride back to my truck to head home.

Simon's first backpacking trip! My typical "newbie" hike (Skyline) was full, so on some advice from my friend Theo we gave this one a try. I knew it would actully be a bit tougher than skyline with some fun off trail routefinding bits, It didn't dissapoint - a late start from edmonton and a horse trail detour meant a late arrival at michele lakes and eating in the dark. I was kind of hoping with the two of us being involved in the U of A Google stuff that by getting Simon lost and injured in the wilderness or eaten by a bear this would ensure the U of A would finally get the legal documents signed for the following monday and wonder why we weren't at work. - alas even this extreme tactic did not manage to get the legal logjam to finally finish.

All in all Simon did really well for his first trip, Hopefully he's now got some experience and confidence to do a few more. A good time was had by all, even with less than perfect weather.

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